Volkswagen CEO announced the new strategy for the big change


Matthias Muller, the CEO of Volkswagen has presented the concept called «Strategy 2025» meaning the largest «paradigm change» in the company’s history, writes Financial Times.

He offers to reconsider the approach to the key area of passenger cars and focus on new potential sources of income, such as electric vehicles, unmanned machines and the development of mobile applications.

According to Muller, VW will introduce more than 30 new electric vehicles in the year of 2025 with an aim to bring their annual sales up to 2-3 million units. The "repositioning" of spare parts production is also expected in the years to come. The idea here is to make the production of spare parts more competitive by means of attracting third-party manufacturers.

The aim of the strategy is to increase the sales margin up to 7-8% by 2025 compared with the current 6%. Muller also said that VW will simplify modular architecture to the four following groups:

  • economy class
  • large machines
  • premium segment
  • sports cars.

Muller was designated as the head of Volkswagen in September 2015 to help the company overcome the consequences of the scandal involving the falsification of data on emissions of diesel vehicles.


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