Rufty-Tufty Hybrid Mini Countryman


Cute as it is, this version of Mini Cooper – with the full name of S E Countryman All4 –definitely has a more menacing look and more powerful engine. Then again, the car was built to cope with situations when the going gets tough, so it just couldn’t be pretty and modest one anymore.

Rufty-Tufty Hybrid Mini Countryman

Overall, it is not dramatically redesigned comparing with the previous generation of Mini Countryman, although it did add several inches in width and length. In the first place, it is measurably improved and strengthened up in terms of performance.

Rufty-Tufty Hybrid Mini Countryman

Let’s describe the vehicle’s tech specs by decoding the letters in its nickname.

S is for power: given 90 extra horsepower, this crossover sports a peak output of 224bhp (if petrol and electric engines work together) and 284lb ft, which is good enough to push the car to 62 mph in 6.9 seconds. Vmax is rated at 143mph.

E is for plug-in hybrid: this Mini is equipped with a 1.5-litre V3 allied to a 6-speed auto gearbox, plus a 165kW electric motor.

All4 is for (as you may have already guessed) the all-wheel drive.

Rufty-Tufty Hybrid Mini Countryman

Thus, summing up the above-mentioned figures, we get a mighty yet charming version of Mini Cooper that is looking forward to be released at the market in summer 2017.


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