Renault Sandero, or Dacia Sandero, is a budget subcompact hatchback that is most frequently bought in Stepway modification. What are the differences between the regular version and the «off-road» one? Watch the video below.

Actually, not much of the things set them apart. The raised ride height offers a more comfortable way to load cargo in the boot and passengers in the cabin. Some aggressive exterior embellishments suppose to give the car solid all-road capabilities. Skipping ahead to the point, the off-road prowess of Sandero Stepway is not beyond the word «pretention».

The interior fully reflects the price bracket of this vehicle: a bit gloomy styleless ambience with brittle plastic trim, cloth seat covering and visible clips on the fabric. But anyway, its main task is to haul people safely and drive effectively. The author claims, the Stepway handles this job pretty decently.

There are 2 kinds of engine for your choice – 900cc turbo 3-cylinder petrol or more practical 1.5-litre diesel. The high suspension helps the car iron out lumps and bumps while the tires stick firmly to the surface. Of course, you’ll find some negative points during the ride such as engine rattling, gearbox clunking along with the evident body roll at the corners.

Overall, Renault Sandero Stepway is a reliable hatch of the cheap cars category. It doesn’t surprise with comfort and aesthetic features yet satisfies with basic components of any vehicle.

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