One Picture of Land Rover Discovery to Sit and Think


The British have just made some kind of a splash. The premiere of all-new Land Rover Discovery V is to be held on the eagerly anticipated Paris Motor Show. Ahead of such event there is always a chance of unveiling valuable information in advance, e.g. some pictures plus characteristics. And for Discovery V it includes only one published photo of its front that comes with the caption «…highly desirable, extremely versatile and hugely premium SUV». An intriguing teaser and no less enticing caption is a fertile ground for a lively discussion all over the world.

One Picture of Land Rover Discovery to Sit and Think

From this angle we’re eyeing one of the features that set Land Rover apart from its brothers – more squarish, boxy bumper, and slimline headlights that definitely add some predator’s look to it. It seems the car is reminiscent of Discovery Sport, yet is more compact.

According to the sources, Discovery V is built on the same aluminium platform as the Range Rover family. The standard configuration includes five seats, however, you can choose seven-seats model as well. It’s reported that the car is equipped with 4-cylinder turbocharged Ingenium engine.

One Picture of Land Rover Discovery to Sit and Think

The more detailed information is desperately needed but we have to be patient, not for a long time though. All the desired angles of Land Rover Discovery will be available on September 29. Let the countdown begin.


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