Mitsubishi unveiled new SUV image


Mitsubishi has released the first image of its new Ground Tourer crossover concept. The car will be presented at the Paris Motor Show in October 2016. As clarified by the press service of the brand, the prototype "embodies a new level of comfort in the SUV segment».

According to preliminary information, the newly-designed product will be equipped with an electric engine. It is also likely that the crossover will get a hybrid powertrain. All other details regarding the vehicle are kept secret.

Mitsubishi is planning to bring into circulation an all-electric crossover concept called eX, as reported by The car's assembly will begin in 2020. The driving distance claims to exceed 400 kilometers. In addition, the car will receive a permanent four-wheel drive. Quite possibly, the new model will be equipped with the function of autonomous driving. As to the main competitor of the car, it appears to be the Nissan Juke.

EX first prototype was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. The company stressed out that the new product serves to demonstrate the design and capabilities of the future of electric cars in the SUV segment. The concept itself acquired quite an aggressive design. The front part of the prototype is made in the style of the Dynamic Shield. It is equipped with LED optics, a sloping roof and an additional protection of the body. For more convenient access to the interior of the car the engineers removed b-pillars and installed the swing doors.


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