Mitsubishi ASX

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Mitsubishi ASX is doing its business in the segment of sport utility vehicles, and it has to have some good points in its favor to remain in demand. Essential benchmarks are characterized as exterior style, comfortable inner atmosphere and an able engine together with sufficient tech specs. Let’s see what author thinks over these issues.

In terms of outward design, the ASX is canonically proper SUV with its massive boxy shape, high ground clearance and beefy bumpers. Step inside and you’ll find yourself on well-bolstered seats that enable the occupant to take a comfortable position. Although the interior is fairly bland to look at, the build quality is satisfactory.

You are provided with the selection of 2 engines – either 1.6-litre petrol or 1.8-litre diesel. The latter, being a more powerful one, sends power to all four wheels, while the former delivers it only for two. The car rolls smoothly down the road and gets a little bouncy off the beaten track.

The Japanese gave Mitsubishi ASX a great portion of the selling points as well as the pleasant price of around $18,000. However the age of the thing is making itself known. This SUV feels a tad unsophisticated.

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