Mercedes-Benz Presented a Hydrogen Crossover.


Mercedes Benz revealed their first auto made on hydrogen fuel cells. They called the prototype GLC F-Cell. New model will be offered to public in 2017 and most likely hit the sales in 2018.

Mercedes Benz Presented a Hydrogen Crossover.

The car has been built on the base of a standard GLC crossover. The fuel distance is 500 km. The vehicle’s full charge will take no more than 3 minutes.

Sure enough, it would be too boring, if there wasn’t any competition for the new model. The upcoming rivals for Mercedes GLC F-Cell are going to be BWM and Porsche who are planning to release their hydrogen car models on a short-term horizon.

The main distinctive feature that is also a great advantage of hydrogen cars over electromobiles is the speed of charging.

Mercedes Benz Presented a Hydrogen Crossover.

Mercedes has confirmed earlier the unveiling of the concept will take place in Paris no sooner than in October 2016. The production version coming up in 2019 will cast itself as the main rival for Tesla Model X.

In fact, Mercedes-Benz has some serious plans in producing eco-friendly cars, giving serious thoughts to making a subbrand for that matter. New product line will enter into competition with BMW i-series models.

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