Hyundai Accent

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There is nothing much to say about Hyundai Accent because it has been tried and tested since 1995. Up to this day, the car remains one of the favorite budget subcompacts at the market. Those who judge a book by its cover, could they have guessed that this premium looking vehicle has so many virtues yet costs at around $15,000?

Following the author’s narrative, you see that, firstly, the Accent grants an impressive fuel economy, making up 37-38mpg, with its V4 and 6-speed auto or manual gearbox. Secondly, Hyundai’s representative has this out-of-its-price-category glossy look that wins over a great many customers. Thirdly, the cabin can easily shelter 5 grown-ups as well as massive things in the boot. On top of that, the occupants don’t bounce on the bumps as the Accents thoroughly irons them out. Lastly, you’d like to thank the engineers for the present standard conveniences - six-speaker audio system, USB port - and low-priced extras like moon roof.

As mentioned above, plethora of words is pointless. Just one – a bargain – describes Hyundai Accent pretty accurately.

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