Holden Astra

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After the company’s long-lasting struggle to secure a place at the Australian market, Holden Astra is trying its luck again but under an upgraded guise. Derived from the Opel family, this half-European returns in 2017 and it does mean to revive its reputation.

The author claims that the car got more spacious inside yet smaller from the outside and implicitly smarter. Indeed, the hatch is reported to boast some tech improvements. For the exterior the designers have prepared matrix LED headlamps while the interior would do with Apple CarPlay, massage functions of the seats and a heated steering wheel. On top of that, they’ve crammed the vehicle with safety equipment, including an autonomous emergency braking system.

2017 Holden Astra offers the gamut of fairly sluggish 1.4-litre and mightier 1.6-litre turbocharged petrols with six-speed auto or manual gearboxes. Fortunately, you won’t have an issue with the poor road surfaces and wind noise as the hatch quietly glides up the highway.

All in all Holden Astra is a solid compact car that pins its hopes on the European birth for the purpose of conquering the Australian hatchbacks’ niche.

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