History of Rolls Royce Hyperion Goes On…


Once upon a time there was produced a unique offspring of the Rolls Royce family that amazed with its appearance. Its father was a great automotive designer Jason Castriota who proudly called his child Hyperion – the high-one – marking the car’s exclusiveness and grandeur.

Passed through the hands of the world’s richest car collectors, the vehicle eventually settled down in the show room in Abu Dhabi and humbly waits for its next owner with a price just shy of $1,650,000. However no one seems in a hurry for buying the Hyperion, as it hasn’t had an opportunity to run for over a year.

In all honesty, once you see this thing, you’ll experience either an instant love or distaste. Check it for yourself: the stately familiar Rolls Royce Phantom from the front…

History of Rolls Royce Hyperion Goes On…

… and the car that is able to break your brain from the side!

History of Rolls Royce Hyperion Goes On…

Such awkwardness is due to the designer’s moment of inspiration. He removed the second row of seats, shifted the cabin 400mm back and dressed it in carbon on the outside and in wood inside. One of the parts that were carried over unchanged is the engine – the same 6.75-litre, 435bhp V12 does well moving this 2.6-tonnes exhibit.

History of Rolls Royce Hyperion Goes On…

Can we recognize the Hyperion as one of the Rolls Royce range? Hardly. It seems that the car’s bright individuality does a disservice to its success.

Source: topgear.com

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