Glimpse into Renault’s Future


Is it possible to create a treasure, integrating the restrained yet modern exterior with the comfortable and high-end interior? Can we dream of that car to be harmless to the ecology due to the zero-emissions? At least, this is the prototype of the future vehicle in Renault company that presented its next concept car - the TreZor - on the first day of the Paris Motor Show.

Glimpse into Renault’s Future

The first move whips a sheet off the model. There is a sporty and futuristic looking car with the long and supple body, clothed in carbon-fiber. All the details require your close inspection. The honeycomb-shaped air intakes give an impression that the car is breathing. The scarlet glazed windows with the red laser at the rear make it somehow aggressive and daring.

Glimpse into Renault’s Future

The second move opens the roof. Literally, to get behind the wheel you need to open up the whole roof like the clamshell hiding a pearl. In the same way, this car contains the gem of the interior filled with the French chic and trimmed with exquisite leather and the finest wood.

Glimpse into Renault’s Future

The third move starts the TreZor’s engine. The stated 350bhp and 282 pound-feet of torque haul the vehicle from 0 to 60mph in less than 4 seconds while electric powertrain system reduces its carbon footprint.

Glimpse into Renault’s Future

We should keep our fingers crossed for this concept car not to be the fantasy but the reality of our lives. Renault is definitely able to raise the bar for the entire automotive industry.


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