Ford GT

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With the company’s centennial year coming, Ford launched a car that both revived historic names as Mustang coupled with Thunderbird and symbolized all the contribution it made for an automotive world. That was a Ford GT, producing from 2005 up to 2006, but despite the age, this supercar still makes a splash each time it gets on the road.

You’re watching one of 4,038 GTs made and of 343 wearing a special color. The heritage set has only a few differences from the other usual 3695 editions. These are the forged BBS wheels, huge McIntosh stereo and painted calipers. It costs a soaring $400,000 but the tech figures are impressive, either. 5.4-liter supercharged V8 is ready to hit the 60mph benchmark in 3.4 seconds and then go on to a top speed of 205mph. Right behind the seats roars a colossal 550bhp that makes the GT crave to oversteer and is able to blow your mind instantly. You should keep a cool head while driving though you are definitely is going to brim over with emotions.

Ford GT is all about beauty, speed and history. However, the history of the car itself is promised to be continued in 2017. Hmm, could it be any better?

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