Ford Focus RS

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Among the wide range of hatchbacks Ford Focus is a usual thing on the market and you may have taken it for granted. But if you come upon the one with the prefix RS, you are bound to watch it in this new skin.

What make it stand out from the sibling are the RS badges on almost every part of the vehicle, the bright blue coloring and the spoiler. That’s about the general performance and, the author claims, differences extend far beyond that. With a purpose of building a more powerful car, the engineers:

1) added the Brembo brakes,

2) equipped it with a diffuser and bigger twin exhausts,

3) offered new types of driving mode,

4) refined on the suspension,

5) and put the sports seats inside (presumably, to strengthen your attitude).

Needless to say, they’ve also worked on the engine to consolidate achievements. You are encouraged to check out the 350bhp (200bhp more, for a note) turbocharged V4 with all-wheel drive. Once you move a sleek shifter and press the pedal, it divines your desire to add power. Ford Focus RS is acceptably fast, and the sharp handling along with a decent soundtrack make it partially received in the line of sports cars.

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