Ferrari 250 GTO

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This car has been living in our world for more than 50 years. It enraptures with the iconic spirit floating around its name and amazes with the excessive price of $38,000,000. There are only 35 items and each of them proudly bears a title of one of the greatest Ferraris of all time. This is Ferrari 250 GTO and you should definitely experience the ecstasy of driving it, at least through the video.

Having had their day as brilliant race cars, some of them ended up driving outside the track up to now, while the others are sold at the auctions. Every victory they’ve gained justifies the soaring cost: the one from the video has won the races at Sebring and Nassau and 2,000-km Daytona Continental.

Inside the cockpit, there are just you, without an inch of spare space, the steering wheel, the shifter and an endless road ahead. Several minutes on preparation for a thrilling ride, and then its 300bhp V12 with six Weber carburetors throws you into a speedy drive capable of lasting for more than 24 hours.

We don’t know for how long Ferrari 250 GTO would go on gladdening our eyes in person, but together with the author we claim that it’s already gone down in history as one of the most epic cars.

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