Dramatic Teaser of the New Honda Odyssey


2017 Detroit auto show is approaching. The public’s interest is gradually growing, especially when one of the exhibitors slightly lifts the veil of secrecy on its appealing product. Honda decided to go with the flow, too, but in the distinctive manner.

The company released some sketches portraying the all-new Odyssey minivan. Just look at them.

Dramatic Teaser of the New Honda Odyssey

Quite unexpected, isn’t it? To clarify the probable bewilderment, these are the pictures of the Odyssey team’s children that show their own view on the car’s appearance.

And this is the real designers’ take on the 5th gen vehicle that obviously runs counter to the kids’ colorful scribbles.

Dramatic Teaser of the New Honda Odyssey

Dark shades, sleek profile and C-shaped rearlights – that’s what the Odyssey is about, according to the image. These concise pieces of information tack on to the already known facts. The minivan will be provided with 3.5-litre V6 tied to a 6- or 9-speed transmission and will get a bunch of sophisticated technologies.

Source: drive.ru

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