DB11: Out with the old, in with the future


Aston Martin has been hard-pressed to conjure up a replacement for the DB9, and it appears that they have delivered (in fine style, we might add).

These newly surfaced images signal a move away from the conventional Aston designs we have been accustomed to seeing throughout the past decade, even hinting at some similarities to the storied One-77.

This model will even contain some infusion of Mercedes-AMG, in light of the 2013 partnership between the two firms. Despite the lack of interior images, the prototype sports a Mercedes-Benz S-Class dashboard, indicating a largely technical influence from the German automaker.

Structurally though, it appears that the DB11 will continue to rely on Aston Martin’s architecture. In any case, the future of these British automobiles looks to be in safe hands.

aston martin db11

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