Chevrolet Trax


"Chevrolet Trax" SUV of the famous American company that showed in 2012 in Paris. In some countries, the car is called the Tracker. The car combines a few good things: inexpensive, economical, with excellent dynamics and a complete set. "Trax" is very similar to the Buick Encore and Opel Mokka. Slightly different part of the front bumper, the optics and grille. Spare wheel is located on the back door. The luggage compartment volume of 357 liters can be increased to 1372 liters.

Chevrolet Trax fits into the compact crossover niche, but don’t deceive yourself with its small dimensions yet SUV’s claims. This vehicle stashes lots of benefits under its skin.

To start with, watch the author making herself comfortable on the rear seats of the Trax, with plenty of head and leg room and even bigger amount of cubbies, pockets and cup holders around. Good starting point for being a decent family car, isn’t it? Incidentally, check out the interior. It’s mostly covered in hard plastic and fabric upholstery but the Trax can please with 8-ways adjustable seats, air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and outlets to charge a laptop.

American SUV tries hard to satisfy you with the ride as well, offering a light handling, responsive brakes and good driving abilities on the rough terrain, but it still has some flaws. If you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, then follow the author’s advice and go for 1.7-litre diesel, as other motors are fairly poor. In any case, be ready to listen to the wind noise and experience the road imperfections.

Chevy Trax shares its demand with such rivals as Skoda Yeti and Dacia Duster. Which one to purchase is totally up to your preferences.

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