Bugatti Chiron is Getting Slow


Someone is looking forward to witnessing a new speed record performed by scintillating Bugatti Chiron – a substitute for the nice fellow Veyron. Another one is anticipating the glorious Super Sport version to race like a pro. But do they (and you) know how much of the brand-new Chirons were delivered to customers since the car’s disclosure on March 1, 2016?

Bugatti Chiron is Getting Slow

One. A single vehicle saw the light of day and instantly rushed down the road to Saudi Arabia heading for its happy owner. You still think about beefed up modifications? :)

There is actually a controversial point: current 220 orders evidently do not fit into the company’s plan of 65 products being released a year. Simple math tells us that if a man orders it today, he’ll have to wait at least for the three years to lay his hands on the Chiron!

Hmm, there is clearly something in Bugatti’s scheme that may not work for the buyers…


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