Brand new Renault Twingo GT disclosed


This car is as it is said «honed for driving enjoyment». How did Renault make it happen? Let’s see.

It’s clearly more powerful. Although the official figures haven’t been revealed so far, it is clear that this particular model of Twingo is going to rock, since the engineers has made a great deal of work on its engine, chassis and gearing. The current version of Twingo accelerates 0-60 mph in 10.8 seconds, so no doubt here, the GT version will beat this mark like a piece of cake.

Brand new Renault Twingo GT disclosed

New Twingo GT has some exterior and interior changes as well, including 17-inch wheels, twin exhaust pipes, aluminium pedals, some orange trim details and the gear knob that will chill or heat your hand, according to the climate.

Want to buy it already? Have some patience! In compliance with Renault, you will be able to do that not earlier than in late 2016. And the price tag is still undisclosed. But we can give a rough guess it’s gonna be around £12,000.

Brand new Renault Twingo GT disclosed

Oh, yes! The Twingo will be shown off at 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed on 23-26 June. Renault is ready to share some hot details there.


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