BMW Vision Next 100 concept


Okay, we’ve all seen some amazing concept cars from BMW. But predicting what will happen in 100 years is a pretty tough task even for them. It’s hard to foreseen how we are going to be driving in the next century. Yet BMW undertook an ambitious attempt to show their vision of the future. Well, at least the concept from the outside looks stunning! So what does it have under the hood?..

BMW Vision Next 100 concept

What the concept promises:

  • more assistance (like the autonomous driving)
  • more comfort
  • lighter materials
  • increased customization

BMW Vision Next 100 concept

Two driving modes

  1. The Boost mode - the driver controls the car. The vehicle in return helps the driver as much as it can, for example using Alive Geometry thus showing the best direction for driving or integrating all safety technologies, etc.
  2. The Ease mode - the car has the full control giving the driver some relax time. The main idea here is that the choice whether to drive a car or not is still for the driver to decide.

What’s new in design?

  • fabric-like body
  • stretching fenders
  • wing doors
  • cast-off residue for nonstructural body panels

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