Bigger Plus Goes to Europe


There is a little spoiler for you all: we’ll hear of the updated Ford KA with the prefix + in the end of this year. Fans of cute tiny cars, you have another candy to your eyes. Yet the original Ford KA lovers are going to get upset because this one will be taken out of production soon.

Bigger Plus Goes to Europe

The Plus supermini has already entered South American and African markets a year ago. After a while, the overseas model has been modified due to the differences in consumers’ requirements, and now is planned to see the light of day in Europe.

You wonder why Plus? For it grew larger in size. There is enough room for five, although, the boot is not capacious. So if you intend to lug something big then you’d rather fold the rear seats flat. The European KA+ also got the power windows, the stabilizing system and better infotainment system. If you fork out a little over the starting price, you can make yourself happy with the climate control, leather steering wheel (in case you are an aesthete) and the like.

Bigger Plus Goes to Europe

Under the hood things are compact as well – the car is powered by 1.2-litre V4 giving up to 85bhp.

As for the price, Ford KA+ is quite affordable kicking off at €9990. Does it add a few points to this supermini?


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