Bentley Bentayga


Bentley Bentayga has been producing by Bentley in Crewe, England since 2015. The car has just one engine 6,0 L W12 with 8-speed automatic transmission. In 2017 Bentley Factory will start making engines with 4 options: V8 which will be taken from Continental GT, V8 diesel from Audi V8, hybrid engine and currently W12.

If you are about to spend $250,000 on the car, even with engraved Bentley emblem, you surely want to know what exactly that king’s ransom for? The video explains it point by point and, we guarantee, in the end of it you will undoubtedly crave for this scintillating Bentayga.

Firstly, you pay for the exceptional comfort and the widest range of choices. Indeed, just a color range includes 9 shades of blacks, 21 blues, 16 silvers…that’s not all of them. Climate control is available for every passenger and is controlled with a touchscreen of a high-end graphics; massaging seats offer you all sorts of relaxing vibes. Everything is serving a purpose of making you feel absolutely comfortable - from the trunk that lowers to help you get the cargo in to the exclusive ashtrays (aren’t the self-cleaning?). Numerous options can be added for your content and for a tidy sum.

Obviously, the power costs, too, and there is a lot of it. Twin-turbo V12 gives 600bhp and 664lb ft and hauls the 2,5-tonne Bentayga from 0 to 60mph in 4 seconds, and on to a vmax of 187mph. You can experience that; just imagine the plane with great sound isolation taking off.

A single controversial point is might be the exterior design of the car. Not everyone welcomes the new SUV shape of the good old sedans. In all other respects, Bentley Bentayga is AMAZING.

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