Bentley Arnage


Bentley Arnage sedan with rear-wheel drive and the 6.8-liter engine with 405 hp. The car was produced in England til 2009.

Bentley Arnage is one of the former respectable members of the company’s lineup, production run of which stretched from 1998 to 2009. Despite the fact that it has been replaced by the Mulsanne, this one is definitely worth the examination. Just because the polishing of the Arnage’s dash alone takes three times longer than building a Porsche.

Extremely British, with its own approach to all the details, Bentley Arnage was a true pearl of its time. The engine from the 1950s (to everyone’s surprise) – 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8 – turned it into powerful vehicle making 459bhp and a whopping 645lb ft. All that treasure hidden under the hood is intangibly felt during the driving. But the car moves so smoothly – from 60 to 70mph in around bare 2 seconds – your foot is on the gas and 130mph is not afar… You think you can handle it; remember, though, that its sprint to 60mph is 5.5 seconds flat and the top speed reaches 170mph. The Arnage is great on the straight line and no less skilled in going sideways, you may watch it for yourself.

Want a feedback on Bentley Arnage from Jeremy Clarkson? It’s just a single word but so exact one: magnificent!

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