All New Land Rover Defender coming soon


Land Rover can release three versions of the new Defender, says Carscoops. In the entire 68-year history of the model such options were established only a few times. In contrast to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, available in a version including AMG, the range of classic British SUV has always been more conservative and practical.

The principles of the company may change dramatically with the new Defender that is due in 2018. Land Rover will offer its clients extreme off-road version, sports option and a luxury package SUV.

It was reported earlier that sales of the Land Rover Defender new generation will start off in 2019. The appearance of the model will fall a long way short of all the concepts shown earlier. The company plans to sell about 10 thousand units of the new Defender a year. The motor range of new items will include petrol and diesel engines. They will work together with either six-step "mechanics" or nine-step automatic transmissions.

Jaguar Land Rover will build its new plant in western Slovakia. It is likely that the new Defender will be produced there. The company will be located in the city of Nitra. Construction of the plant is scheduled for this year. Initially, the plant will produce 150 thousand cars a year. Later this figure can be doubled to 300 thousand cars. Jaguar Land Rover has chosen this area mainly because it already has an extensive supplier base and good infrastructure.


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