5 Most From Paris


The 2016 Paris Motor Show has made us swoon with joy. We’ve witnessed the debut of all-new vehicles; some of them we couldn’t wait to see, others had been tacitly called ordinary but truly impressed us on the spot. Let’s go over the list of especially distinct cars that deserve our attention if just for their own unique features.

The biggest one in history

5 Most From Paris

In the Czech Republic history:) Named after an Alaskan bear, Skoda Kodiaq left behind all its lineup fellows, in the respect of the size and, presumably, demand. A large crossover body, seven-seat capacity, 5 engines to choose from together with an advanced set of tech and connectivity. If you are an SUV-lover, would you dare to leave it out in the cold?

The record-holding one

5 Most From Paris

Yep, this is the polished Land Rover Discovery. Its unveiling began with a sole picture of the car’s front, continued with a memorable skydiving of Bear Grylls, who was demonstrating a smart app to control the Land remotely, and ended with setting a world record when the car was presented on the huge 5.8 million-brick Lego Tower Bridge.

The most scrape-preventing one

5 Most From Paris

And this is the new generation of Citroen C3 that borrowed the design of the Cactus and, following the recipe, obtained the Airbump side panels. They are really necessary in narrow circumstances (or streets). All in all, you can be sure that nothing will bother the flanks of the vehicle, even on the car parks.

The most anniversary one

5 Most From Paris

Ferrari 488 wearing the green color pays tribute to the famous predecessor 365 P2. The company went for an interesting way to celebrate its 70th anniversary – all current range would be painted in 70 different historic liveries. The golden wheels and red seats definitely add up to the festive appearance of this thing.

The weirdest one

5 Most From Paris

Your guess, what’s that? A drastically transformed golf car or the next gen of Batmobile? All we are aware of is that it’s an electric Formula GIOL from the French designer Luciano Giol. By the way, he’s putting in all efforts to set a production of such vehicles, just for a pleasant ride.

Source: topgear.com, autonews.ru

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