5 current cars in no demand


When it comes to buying a car, what would you choice fall onto? Do you go for models that has just been released having tons of positive reviews or choose tried-and-true trouble proof options?

Anyway, auto buyers are generally quite predictable. Most likely they opt for the popular models, leaving others on the sidelines.

That, in fact, leads to some reasonably good models falling off the sales.

Here are 5 cars that auto buyers have no desire to purchase anymore.

5. BMW i3

5 current cars in no demand

BMW's i3 is undeniably one of the most advanced looking cars. Its design is groundbreaking. Unfortunately, the price tag is unreasonably high (starting with $42K and higher). It means that all fine judges of high tech have already acquaired the car. As a result, the sales has dropped by 64% comparing March '15 and this year.

4. Chrysler 200

5 current cars in no demand

The car has just been introduced last year, yet the sales has gone down by 67.7%. Why? For one thing, because it's pretty plain and the driving experience is trivial. Yet the final nail in coffin was Sergio Marchionne's public announcment of Chrysler 200 being a failure.

3. BMW 6 Series

5 current cars in no demand

It's a pity to see the 6 Series in the list of unclaimed cars. Not to mention the diversity of options: coupe, convertible or four-door Grand coupe. Doesn't matter. The sales in 2016 are the lowest of the low totalling in 84% notching down.

2. Mini Paceman

5 current cars in no demand

The Paceman is a two-door crossover with a room for four and a price tag of $23K which is a bargain. Though it seems that the idea of making a crossover with two doors is not to people's liking, since Mini managed to sell just 112 units in 2015. Whar about this year? Only 15 (86.6% decrease). Verdict? It's not long for Paceman to find its peace.

1. Mazda CX-9

5 current cars in no demand

The CX-9 used to be quite popular in its day. It was year 2006, so to speak. As of today, the sales has dropped by 92.1% comparing March '15 and this year. But let's not give up on Mazda, for they are issuing a brand-new 2016 CX-9 version that has all the right to compete for the best three-row SUV in the market.

Source: cheatsheet.com

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