2016 Mercedes-Benz E-class Estate showed off


It is said that the new Mercedes ‘sixth-generation model is as dynamic as the tennis pros and as spacious as centre court’. Well, give Mercedes Benz its due, they do know how to make a lucrative comparison! To prove their point, they’ve put 12,000 of tennis balls to the stage to show the new model’s carrying capacity. Believe it or not, it is true.

2016 Mercedes-Benz E-class Estate showed off

So, how big is the E-Class Estate, indeed?

Here are the bare figures:

  • 670 liters with the seats up
  • 1820 liters with the seats folded

Almost the biggest of its class, Mercedes losses perhaps only to the Skoda Superb Estate and that is only considering the second figure - 1950 liters. Yet the customer will more likely opt for Mercedes rather than Skoda - no surprise here. On top of that, Mercedes E-Class Estate’s towing capacity is 2100kg.

What are the techs?

New E-Class Estate is stuffed up with technological advances like:

  • the Drive Pilot (okay, small wonder, agreed)
  • the Remote Parking Pilot
  • the Distance Pilot Distronic (that is a system that allows the car to follow another vehicle on its own up to 130 mph).
  • the plug&play option
  • the ‘me connect’ system

The last two are optional.

What's the price and release date of the Mercedes E-Class Estate?

The suggestions are made as follows: new E-Class Estate will cost around £38,000. It hits the sales this July and the first lucky buyers will get the car in October. Simple as that.

Source: carmagazine.co.uk based on CJ Hubbard's article.

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